“Leading through Change” Online MBA Trial Class

Saturday, February 26, 2022 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
Explore the GLOBIS MBA through a Trial Class, learn practical business skills, and take the first step towards a life-changing experience.
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Gain the purpose, knowledge, and network to become an impactful leader with GLOBIS USA.
At this “Leading through Change” Online MBA Trial Class, you will learn:

  • How to lead during times of rapid change through interactive discussions on a real business case
  • Experience GLOBIS’s unique case-centered and interactive learning environment
  • Discover the GLOBIS ecosystem and how we enable business education beyond the traditional MBA curriculum
  • Speak directly with our Admissions Advisors to learn about our programs in more details
  • Have the opportunity to receive a free eBook “KOKOROZASHI: The Pursuit of Meaning in Business.”

This class introduces frameworks and knowledge from the GLOBIS MBA course “Organizational Behavior & Leadership”, a popular Pre-MBA course for new students at GLOBIS USA looking to dive into the world of leadership.

Notes about this interactive online event: This event will be held live online. Upon registration, a link will be sent to your email address with a URL and details on how to join.

Some tips for the event:

  • Join on time as the event will be live (we recommend signing in at least 5 minutes early)
  • Please try to have earphones, microphone and/or a webcam ready for a more interactive experience
  • Have a good time and don’t be shy to participate in the discussions

We look forward to meeting you online.


Date: Saturday, February 26, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
Where: Online
Registration Fee: Free of charge
Language: English


10:30 AM (PST) Reception Opens
11:00 AM (PST) Welcome & GLOBIS Info
11:15 AM (PST) Trial Class
12:35 PM (PST) Admissions Info
12:50 PM (PST) Q&A

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