“Driving DEI for Growth and Innovation” Online Seminar

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM (Japan Standard Time), 3:30 AM - 5:00 AM (Pacific Daylight Time)
Dr. Jackie F. Steele, CEO & Founder, enjoi Japan K.K., will introduce actionable strategies that professionals and managers at any level can leverage for creating more inclusive and performing organizations to foster innovation.

Data show that companies embracing culturally diverse workforces are more likely to perform better in terms of profitability — proving diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) strategies have a profound effect on corporate outcomes*.

However, too often, DEI is siloed in the Human Resources Department as a “must do,” and according to data, only 65% of C-suite executives globally think they have a responsibility for talent management strategy**.

So, how can companies create an equitable and inclusive foundation that will lead to building and retaining diverse talent?

At this interactive event, Dr. Jackie F. Steele will present a new approach to DEI strategy as a driver for innovation that can be leveraged by professionals at any level within the organization. The audience will gain actionable ideas and advice on how to embrace and connect DEI to their company’s business strategy in order to foster innovation.

Dr. Steele’s keynote speech will be followed by a dialogue with GLOBIS faculty Megumi Taoka to deepen the discussion on how to become more culturally competent and learn inclusive communication in the workplace.

Core topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the concept of DEI and why it is important for corporate innovation
  • The landscape of Japan and the world: what issues companies are still grappling with when trying to adopt a DEI strategy
  • How middle managers can drive innovation in their teams through inclusive equitable leadership competences

Source: * McKinsey “Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters”/ ** The Economist Intelligence Unit study “Global firms in 2020”

Notes about this interactive online event

This event will be held live online. Upon registration, a link will be sent to your email address with a URL and details on how to join. Some tips for the event!

  • Join on time as the event will be live (we recommend signing in at least 5 minutes early)
  • Please try to have earphones, microphone and/or a webcam ready for a more interactive experience

We look forward to meeting you online.


Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Time: 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM (Japan Standard Time), 3:30 AM - 5:00 AM (Pacific Daylight Time)
Where: Online
Registration Fee: Free of charge
Language: English


7:30 PM (JST), 3:30 AM (PDT) Introduction
7:35 PM (JST). 3:35 AM (PDT) Keynote speech by Dr. Jackie Steele
8:05 PM (JST), 4:05 AM (PDT) Dialogue with GLOBIS faculty Ms. Megumi Taoka
8:25 PM (JST), 4:25 AM (PDT) Q&A with the audience
8:45 PM (JST), 4:45 AM (PDT) GLOBIS overview and MBA program intro
9:00 PM (JST), 5:00 AM (PDT) End of the session

Dr. Jackie F. Steele

CEO & Founder, enjoi Japan K.K.

Ph.D. in Political Sciences, University of Ottawa
Masters in Law, Carleton University

Dr. Jackie F. Steele is a trilingual political scientist and international speaker who has taught at leading universities in Canada and Japan over the last fifteen years, including six years as associate professor at the University of Tokyo. She is a governor with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, an angel investor with SheEO Canada, and president of FEW Japan, supporting women’s empowerment. To support the next generation of intersectional diversity leaders, she is the Strategic Advisor of WomEnpowered International hosted at GRaSPP (UTokyo).
As CEO of enjoi Japan K.K., Dr. Steele guides corporate leaders in DEI business strategy with metrics tracking psychological safety, EQ leadership, diverse talent mobilization, and equitable corporate policies and practices.
She holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Ottawa and a masters in law. She has also published over thirty academic works and is an advisor to UN conferences focused on gender equality, diversity, and disaster risk.

Megumi Taoka

MBA, Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba BA in Philosophy, Keio University

Megumi Taoka has extensive experience in teaching and research in higher education for business professionals. Her areas of expertise include financial analysis, cross-cultural management, and business ethics. Based on her corporate experiences at global companies in London, New York and Tokyo, she advocates the significance of cultural intelligence in leadership. She supervised the Japanese translation of “The Culture Map (異文化理解力) “, one of the most popular books among expats and leaders in global businesses. She earned her MBA from the University of Tsukuba.

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