Akio Mori


Professor at GLOBIS University


Accounting and Finance


Accounting I (Financial Accounting)
Essentials of Accounting
Finance I (Corporate Finance)


MBA, Columbia Business School, Columbia University
BA in Economics, Keio University

Akio Mori


Starting his career as a commercial banker at Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Akio Mori was responsible for small to mid-sized companies in the center of Tokyo. He then moved to the New York branch to engage in sales and analysis of syndicated loans (including leveraged buyout financing) for large US-based clients. He continued his finance career at GE capital during the turbulent period after the Lehman shock as a member of GE’s leadership program for experienced professionals.

In recent years, Mr. Mori has deepened his expertise in the financial field while engaging in M&A and strategic investment at a Japanese education and senior care company as a team head.

Throughout this course, I would like you all to gain more interest, excitement, and imagination toward business. Understanding accounting and tackling financial analysis and strategy will surely help you to obtain perspectives from various players, including CEOs, lenders, equity investors, and employees. At the end, you will have a wider basis of knowledge that will help you when making difficult decisions in the real world.

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