V. Sriram


Advisor to Nihon Unisys Ltd. and Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings Inc.


Marketing and Strategy


Managing Technology-driven Businesses


MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
Electronics and Communications Engineering, Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Suratka, India

V. Sriram


Mr. Sriram is currently an advisor to Nihon Unisys Ltd. and Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings Inc. He is an angel investor and is actively supporting several start-ups to scale their businesses.

He started his career in IT when computers used to occupy whole floor of a building and over the last 30 years has seen the impact of the rapid technological change. In 1997, he came to Japan with the mandate to build the Japanese market for international businesses. In his last corporate assignment, he was the head of the Japan branch of a leading global consulting and IT services firm. And over the years he has been responsible for helping to launch and grow organizations in Asia Pacific including Australia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

He is a founding member of TiE Japan (the world’s largest NPO promoting entrepreneurship) and is a director of the Indian Commerce and Industry Association, Japan.

Mr. Sriram participates in a number of speaking forums and is an active guest speaker at various public events. He is excited by the positive contribution technology is making in people’s lives and enjoys working at the intersection of technology and business.

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