Yoshito Hori


President and Founder, GLOBIS Corporation
President, GLOBIS University
Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners


Management Philosophy


Entrepreneurial Leadership


MBA, Harvard Business School
BS in Engineering, Kyoto University

Yoshito Hori


Yoshito Hori is the founder and president of GLOBIS University, the No.1 business school in
Japan. He is also a founding partner of GLOBIS Capital Partners, the No.1 venture capital firm
in Japan, and president of the G1 Institute, a platform to create a better Japan. His other roles
include founder of the KIBOW Foundation, a project to support the revitalization after the Great
Tohoku Earthquake; owner of the Ibaraki Robots, a professional basketball team in his
hometown of Mito; owner of the Ibaraki Broadcasting System, Ibaraki’s only prefecture-wide
media company; and producer of LuckyFes, an annual music festival held in Mito.
He received his BS in engineering from Kyoto University and holds an MBA from Harvard
Business School.

With GLOBIS USA, we’re opening a new chapter in expanding our services on a global scale. Despite these unprecedented times, our mission to pave the way for creation and innovation remains unchanged.

In the Americas, we will continue our mission by connecting our three core pillars: people, capital, and knowledge. Through these, we foster unique business ecosystems and support visionary leaders.

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