Rika Shimazu

Industry Background
, Construction Industry
Program Intake
, Pre-MBA
Home Country
I chose GLOBIS as it provided a flexible schedule and program for busy professionals like me who want to study without interfering with their current work.
Rika Shimazu

Why did you come to GLOBIS?

Originally, my boss recommended I study about business to get ready for our business expansion.

I’ve been working in sales and marketing for years, but I was weak in certain areas, such as finance and accounting. As soon as I started my search for the right business school, I found GLOBIS to be an attractive study environment. GLOBIS provides a flexible schedule and program for busy professionals who want to study without interfering with their current work. GLOBIS also provides a practical curriculum by using real business cases. Moreover, GLOBIS lecturers are endowed with passion and a sense of mission to inspire us to think more deeply by asking why.

This made me sign up for a trial class. The day after, I registered for some classes!

What are your impressions of GLOBIS so far?

My classmates come from various industries and different countries. I often discover innovative ideas and approaches I would have never thought of myself. Those ideas often provide me with a conceptual guide for my actual work.

Group discussions with classmates who are motivated and hardworking are always stimulating. We sometimes end up carrying on the discussion without any break! Intriguing arguments continue through our mailing list posts and group study sessions, where we can always exchange ideas and thoughts outside of class. GLOBIS offers us an exciting environment. We can learn about business methods and frameworks, but also learn more about our passion and our creativity.

What’s your message t0 future Pre-MBA students?

I recommend studying at GLOBIS for those who don’t want to stay the same, but are willing to continuously develop themselves, whether it is in their personal life or career.

I cannot say it’s easy to take courses while working during the day, as many of you may have other commitments as well. I believe you should rather enjoy every class, your achievements, and the networking opportunities you will have with a diverse group of classmates! Time management will be your key success factor.

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