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We equip our clients and students with practical business skills, offering access to a vast global network passionate about making an impact.

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For Organizations

Access a wide range of programs, from corporate training to digital platforms, to develop your next-generation global leaders, executives, management, and staff.

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Choose courses à la carte from a variety of fundamental business subjects.

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Transform high potential employees into effective global leaders with our Online MBA and Full-time MBA.

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Corporate Training

Develop your next-generation global leaders with our customized and packaged training programs.

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GLOBIS Unlimited

Obtain Unlimited growth for your business and teams with our business microlearning platform.


For Individuals

Join professionals from over 68 countries. Whether on campus in Tokyo or online, all of our programs provide practical, relevant business skills delivered by top industry professionals.

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GLOBIS Unlimited

Get ahead with our business microlearning platform from Japan's No.1 MBA.

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Choose courses à la carte from a variety of fundamental business subjects.

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Full-time MBA

Upgrade your career with our accelerated, one-year MBA program in the heart of Tokyo.

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Online MBA

Connect live to lecturers and classmates from around the world with our flexible two-year MBA program.


The GLOBIS Advantage

GLOBIS education is supported by industry experts, a venture capital ecosystem, and a curriculum
focused on technology in business.

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Practical for
Today’s Leaders

Pick from a variety of learning platforms and gain practical skills through interactive case discussions and global practitioners.


Lead with confidence in an age of uncertainty with our Technovate curriculum taught by tech industry experts.

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Gateway to
Japan and Beyond

Explore your kokorozashi, gain unique Japanese management insights, and connect with thousands of professionals in Japan and beyond.

Customer Stories

Client Stories

Toyota Motor Corporation

The introduction of the GLOBIS Manabihodai platform was an effective measure to respond to changes in our business domain.

Tokyo Electron logo
Tokyo Electron

GLOBIS is a unique partner who has a solid system of mindset, knowledge and skills necessary for business, and who tries to meet the needs of customers thoroughly.

Honda Logo
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

We believe that GLOBIS Manabihodai is useful not only for planning our future training programs, but also for promoting the effectiveness and significance of training within the company.

Customer Stories

Student Stories

Brandon Tatum profile
Brandon Tatum Sound Cloud, Director of Business & Legal Affairs, United States

The formulation and focus on kokorozashi has been impactful for me, and it clearly shows in my current career. GLOBIS puts a great focus on developing your personal mission, and throughout the MBA I could focus on my life's biggest interest: music!

Carola Pava
Carola Pava Medina World Health Organization, Technical Officer, Colombia

My GLOBIS experience helped in many different aspects of my career. The class environment at GLOBIS was quite diverse and provided a sandbox to experience a global environment.

Jose Fernandez
José Fernández-Villaseñor Mizuho America, Neurosurgery Senior Marketing Manager & Kegg, Senior Clinical Trial and Data Scientist, Mexico

I had to overcome enormous challenges to break into the cutthroat start-up scene, but every time I was confronted with a challenge, what kept me going was truly my kokorozashi.

GLOBIS Faculty

Top Business Professionals

Jorge Calvo

Deputy Dean, GLOBIS University

Dr. Calvo is an independent strategic advisor and professor with over thirty years of corporate experience as former Executive Officer at Roland DG Corporation Japan, President at Global SCM Division HQ, and President & CEO in EMEA.

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Under the new global paradigm of highly demanding customers, aggressive competitors, and uncertainty reigning in many territories, being top of the class in one or two core company functions... Read More

Jorge Calvo

Private: Dr. Asuka Takaoka

Professor, GLOBIS University

Dr. Takaoka has extensive experience consulting across the globe. For the past thirteen years, she has worked at McKinsey's Frankfurt and Tokyo offices, where she has done management consulting, followed by human resources consulting in London and Tokyo.

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People say that we can develop leadership, but leadership styles tend to be sticky. The best way to strengthen your leadership is to understand yourself. Maximize your strengths and... Read More

Yasuyuki Kato

Mr. Yasuyuki Kato currently serves as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer of GLOBIS USA, Inc. After graduating from university, Mr. Kato joined a prominent general trading company in Japan, where he was engaged in global business projects based in China. He then... Read More
Yasuyuki Kato

Dr. Meri Rosich

Chief Data Officer, SCB CCIB

Dr. Meri Rosich drives digital transformation with the strategic use of data and AI. She has had the privilege of leading the data teams for global organizations as chief data officer, transforming organizations into data-first cultures, and creating business value with data by using innovative data solutions.

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Trond Varlid

President, EMC Quest KK & Program Director, JMEC Business Training Program

Mr. Trond Varlid has extensive international marketing and senior executive experience from Europe, the US, and Asia. He is President and Cofounder of EMC Quest KK, helping business professionals in Tokyo become better presenters and communicators. He also coaches executives on dealing with difficult management, HR, and personal challenges.

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Various skills and knowledge are required to be successful in business. Arguably one of the most difficult skills to master, however, is managing and dealing with people.

Are leaders born... Read More

Trond Varlid

Megumi Taoka

Professor & Chief Researcher, GLOBIS University

Megumi Taoka has extensive experience in financial reporting for global companies in London, New York, and Tokyo.

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Mastering accounting as a common language of business has never been so relevant and exciting. Accounting can serve as the global language, allowing us to travel anywhere and reach... Read More

Megumi Taoka

Karl O’Callaghan

CEO & Founder at kaigai.world

Currently CEO & Founder at kaigai.world and former Head of Marketing and Operations, UK Trade and Investment in Japan.

Read More

Being a graduate of GLOBIS, I understand how difficult it is to juggle work, family, friends, and study. But I also know how rewarding it is to learn new... Read More

Karl O'Callaghan

Sven Van Stichel

Manager of Global Hubs, GLOBIS University; Director, GLOBIS Thailand

Mr. Van Stichel is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with over ten years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region. A certified digital marketer, he has significant expertise in developing market-entry strategies, cultivating sales channels, and executing digital marketing strategies.

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With new technologies disrupting almost every industry today, preparing for the future has never been this challenging. To cope with this kind of change, there is a strong need... Read More

Sven Van Stichel

Tadahiro Wakasugi

Professor and Director at GLOBIS University

Tadahiro Wakasugi is a professor and director at GLOBIS University. He has significant expertise in strategy, capability development, and organizational development.

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Welcome to GLOBIS! In my class, you and your classmates will tackle real challenges through cases and discuss the issues. My hope is that you will not only be... Read More

Tadahiro Wakasugi

Tomoya Nakamura

President, GLOBIS USA, Inc.

Mr. Tomoya Nakamura serves as President of GLOBIS USA, Inc.  

He started his professional career at Marubeni Corporation, reorganized an investment company at Advantage Partners (a buyout VC firm), and was the Senior Managing Director of Sun-Life Corporation (TSE 7040). At Sun-Life he introduced a progressive ESOP for more than 250 employees including part-time workers.

He served as Dean of the English MBA Programs at GLOBIS University while also starting the GLOBIS global training business and continues to serve as the main facilitator for various corporate clients. He primarily lectures on leadership, kokorozashi, and globalization.

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Welcome to GLOBIS! I am not sure which class you will be studying with me, but I hope to make your learning as stimulating as possible. There are many... Read More

Tomoya Nakamura faculty

John Flanagan

General Manager for Japan and Regional Head of Programming and Marketing Asia at A+E Networks

John Flanagan is a marketing and sales professional with over 20 years of experience in Japan.

Read More

A strong grasp of marketing concepts and theory acts as the sounding board for any marketer as they build strategies to grow their business and launch campaigns. However, one... Read More

John Flanagan

Jake Pratley

Head of the Student Recruitment Office at GLOBIS University

In over 10 years of professional experience in Japan, Jake Pratley has enjoyed leading diverse teams, launching new products, and developing strategic partnerships with business, diplomatic and educational institutions both in Japan and worldwide.

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Given the longevity of our careers and the rate at which work is changing, it’s no secret that lifelong learning is now a necessity. In the Critical Thinking course,... Read More

Jake Pratley

Akio Mori

Professor at GLOBIS University

Akio Mori has extensive experience in the financial field, both in New York and Tokyo.

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Throughout this course, I would like you all to gain more interest, excitement, and imagination toward business. Understanding accounting and tackling financial analysis and strategy will surely help you... Read More

Akio Mori

Axel Wellbrock

Founder & President, Kay Group K.K.

Axel Wellbrock is the Founder and President of Kay Group KK, based in Tokyo, Japan. 

Read More

People make the difference in times of technological changes and innovation. Join me on a discovery tour of different aspects of leadership. I hope that by working together on... Read More


Akira Toda

CEO, Akira Marketing LLC, CEO Viaggio Inc.

CEO of Akira Marketing LLC, and Viaggio Inc.. Akira is a strategy and marketing consultant, professional life coach, and entrepreneur in the U.S. and Japan.

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Akira Toda

Philip Jones

Lecturer, GLOBIS University

In 2010, Mr. Jones engineered the sale of Morgen Evan’s Japan business to Sigmaxyz Inc., a Tokyo based strategy consultancy. As part of the transaction, he joined Sigmaxyz as partner (M&A) and he worked on a variety of M&A transactions for Japanese and non-Japanese clients.

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Philip Jones

Michael Shell

Founder, Global Leadership Partners Asia

Mr. Shell has been a leadership coach and corporate trainer for over 16 years. His interest in developing human potential is rooted in a powerful life-long commitment to learning and human evolution.

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Michael Shell

Private: Daisuke Asahara


Daisuke Asahara has experience working for an IT start-up as Chief Financial Officer, where he has built up a scalable corporate strategy while executing an M&A to achieve inorganic growth.

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The purpose of an MBA is not only to acquire knowledge but also to cultivate friendship, leadership, and entrepreneurship. To build up those “ships,” you have to get on... Read More

Daisuke Asahara

Jun Kabigting

Managing Principal Consultant HR Central K.K.

Jun Kabigting is a business academic with more than 25 years of solid experience across the entire HR value chain of recruit, retain, and development, most of them Japan-focused. He passionately believes in advancing the HR profession through continuing HR education, knowledge sharing, and the use of HR best practices.

Read More

Satoshi Hirose

Dean, GLOBIS University

Mr. Hirose Satoshi is a professor at and the dean of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University.

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Sound management creates a competitive organization, while loose management guides a company to difficulties in the long run and makes stakeholders, including employees and their families, face an unexpected,... Read More

Satoshi Hirose

Satoshi Ito

Owner & President, CAT

Mr. Ito has years of experience as a management consultant and executive of business entities.

Read More

Welcome to GLOBIS. During your studies with us, it is important to keep clear goals in mind at all times. What you should aim to learn is not just... Read More

Satoshi Ito

Toshimasa Mori

Marketing and Strategy, Organizational Behavior and HRM
After graduating from Sophia University, Toshimasa Mori joined Japan Airlines (JAL), where he was assigned to various frontline services to the passengers and was then assigned to Hong Kong Airport. He was then sponsored by JAL to study at Harvard Business School in 1991.... Read More

“Why are a few service organizations better in and year out at what they do than their competitors? Outstanding service organizations are managed differently from their merely good competitors.... Read More

V. Sriram

Advisor to Nihon Unisys Ltd. and Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings Inc.

V. Sriram is a founding member of TiE Japan (the world's largest NPO promoting entrepreneurship) and director of the Indian Commerce and Industry Association, Japan.

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V. Sriram

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